TuRkish Intensive Care Studies-NETwork (TRICS-NET) is the study group of Society of Turkish Intensivists (STI). It has been established in 8 March 2020 at the 15th Anniversary of STI, just at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our mission is to perform, support, promote clinical, basic sciences and translational multicenter and multinational research in intensive care medicine on critically-ill patients within the framework of good clinical/laboratory practice with the best ethical and scientific quality.

Our vision is to establish and improve national and international collaboration with research centers to become a landmark research network in intensive care medicine.

To help this mission a national intensive care unit (ICU) and intensivists database will be established.

General Rules

Any physician or health care personel with an academic position and a member of our society can apply to do research under TRICS-Net and to collaborate with ICUs and intensivists from our database.

TRICS-Net does not carry the mission of funding but has the right to evaluate the protocol, scope, scientific relevance and ethical issues of the study to be able to endorse it.

Researchers should apply with a short proposal including title, aim, steering committee of the study, authorship rules, methods (including study variables, statistical analysis, power analysis, etc.) and ethical process. If researchers require, TRICS-Net can help in the design of the project.

Researchers take full responsibility for authorship but they have to establish the rules of authorship when they apply before the start of the Project.

TRICS-Net should be acknowledged in the congress presentations, abstracts and manuscripts.

The proposals should be sent to the secretary of our society by e-mail ([email protected]). Then, they will be reviewed by the TRICS-Net Coordinators.  International researchers who require to collaborate with TRICS-Net should also apply to our secretary ([email protected]), including a short proposal.

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