TDCY Intensive Care Ultrasonography Study Group

Intensive Care Ultrasonography Study Group, founded to contribute intensive care specialty, held its first meeting in Ankara Limak Hotel on 9 March, 2019.  President of the Executive Board, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melda Türkoğlu attended the first meeting. She stated that she was beyond excited to participate and attached great importance to the study group. Dr.

The members of the Intensive Care Ultrasonography Study  Group Executive Board within the body of Turkish Society of Medical and Surgical Intensive Care were Prof. Dr. Gül Gürsel as the president, Uğur Özdemir as the secretary,  Dr.   Dr.  Assoc. Dr. Emre Karakoç, Dr. Aslıhan Yalçın, Dr. Pervin Hancı and Dr. Hüseyin Arıkan.

The Study Group, which aims to improve the knowledge and skills of intensive care specialists in the field of ultrasonography, will organize a one-day course consisting of theory and practical training in April, May and October in 2019.

The activities of the Intensive Care Ultrasonography Study Group, which aims to plan research projects to obtain core national data, were summarized as follows:

To prepare educational materials such as books and guides to improve vocational training; To contribute to the establishment of the annual congress, qualification course and the scientific programs of local courses, to support the training of young researchers, to contribute to the training curriculum of the Intensive Care Competence Board, to cooperate with other associations and organizations provided that the approval of the Board of Directors of TDCY.

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