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Since intensive care was defined as a subspecialty in subspecialty examination in 2012, intensive care subspecialty training has become available.  While intensive care subspecialty training has been in progress, legislative proposal on the certification of intensive care specialty without proper training among intensive care subspecialty trainees made us unite.   To that end, a sub-committee of intensive care subspecialty trainees was founded under Society of Turkish Intensivists in 11th National Congress of Medical and Surgical Medicine.    As a result of an election in 12th National Congress of Medical and Surgical Medicine in 2012, new sub-committee members founded “Young Intensive Care Specialists” group and has been carrying on ever since.


The society’s vision is to be the most prominent young scientific community with members capable of problem solving and cooperation, to adopt science as a principle as well as keeping up with latest technological developments.


  • As a society our mission is to take an active role and enable communication between members across Turkey,
  • to provide necessary support for the intensive care subspecialty training as specialty trainees,
  • to be in contact with national and international scientific organizations in the scope of scientific incentive
  • to play an active role in standardization of intensive care subspecialty training since it is a new area of subspecialty  and in a constant change
  • to provide contribution and support to the definition and development of duties and authorities, personal rights of intensive care specialty
  • to take an active role in determining and coming up with solutions to any possible setback experienced by intensive care specialty trainees.

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